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Re: RFC: Draft Javascript Guidelines

Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
Hello everyone,

I'm drafting some Javascript Guidelines and would like some input. The current ideas are on the wiki here::

If I don't get some feedback I'll be making some decisions based on the information there in order to have something that's ready for a vote in two weeks.

My current thoughts on positions the draft will take are::

Javascript libraries must be packaged separately from web applications. Web Applications are not allowed to include Javascript Libraries (or plugins to those libraries which have a separate upstream from the web app) but must use the system provided ones.

Javascript libraries must provide an apache conf file that will serve the library from the filesystem to clients from a specific URL. config files for other web servers are optional.

URLs for Javascript libraries should be rooted in /js/

I'm not sure whether to advocate using JsMin or similar or not.

If you don't like some of these ideas, please respond! Nothing's set in stone yet, but without your input, they will get turned into Guidelines.


Just checking -- seems like Apache is going to need to be tweaked to do that in the default conf, else some other RPM may end up owning /var/www/js and having to configure it). Right?


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