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bodhi/admin.fedoraproject.org usage question

About a week 1/2 ago, I built a package using Koji, and used Bodhi to
request a push to testing. It's there now.

Now, I want to push the package to stable. I went back to my original
update, and clicked the button/graphic to "push to stable". The individual
update now shows "Requested: stable" as I expect:


However, the list of pending updates for F8 doesn't include this update,
even if I page through everything, or view all:


Is this a bug in the pending view, or should I create a new update request
to push the RPM to stable?

Another question: This is a new package. When does bugzilla grow a new
component for it; only when the package is stable? It's been in devel for
a while now, and F7/F8 testing for a little over a week, but people still
can't file bugs against unison213 or unison227, just the old package which
was unison.


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