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Re: Adding /sbin and /usr/sbin to everyone's path in F10

Les Mikesell wrote:
Thomas M Steenholdt wrote:

Someone clever once came up with the great KISS concept.

Applied to this particular problem, we should try to make things simple (as in easy) for all users and admins while keeping the system simple (as in complexity).

That solution has already been subscribed in the thread over and over, symlink the tools that make sense from */sbin/ to */bin/ and be done with it. It will solve all issues in both camps and we can carry on.

If you don't take them all, how does this solve the problem that 'su' vs. 'su -' will still not have all the same things included in your path? Personally, I'd rather see everything moved to /bin and /usr/bin with /sbin and /user/sbin changed to compatibility symlinks, but that can only be done cleanly during a new install (or maybe wrapped in a reboot).

I don't quite understand why "su" and "su -" should be doing the same thing.
What's the point in "-" if they should do the same?
BTW tweaking PATH or symlinking stuff from */sbin into */bin or merger won't make "su" behave like "su -". Personally I'm happy doing "su" then "make install" if I don't want to change cwd and my exports (CFLAGS?) and aliases and doing "su -" to do some tweaking with iptables, ip, tc, dhcpd, asterisk... I've never liked the Ubuntu way of doing things. The first thing I did on any Ubuntu system I had to use was "sudo passwd; su -"
And also: I've never had */sbin in the PATH of my non-root user.

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