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Re: Youtube Video Problem

Lubomir Kundrak schrieb:
On Mon, 2008-04-28 at 16:09 +0200, Denis Leroy wrote:
Bradley J. Longo wrote:
After about five months no one has fixed the youtube issue with Fedora. If someone out there does not know, when watching youtube videos in Firefox, Firefox randomly crashes. I saw a bug report filed on it a couple months ago when I first experienced the issue and it seems to have only gotten worse. After some recent frustration I went to check on the status of the report I found a new thread for it here:


This issue has been around for long enough. Is something being done about in Fedora 9? Will Firfox 3.0 fix this issue? Normally I would not post the devel list about this, but normally bugs don't exist for so long.
sudo mv /usr/lib/libflashsupport.so /usr/lib/libflashsupport.so.disabled

Dennis, you did not mean this -- did you?

Apart from that it's about the most obscure way to remove the
libflashsupport package one can imagine, you loose libflashsupport's
functionality, which is essential to work around Flash's broken-ness in
using ALSA/PulseAudio to play sound.

My advice would be to use nspluginwrapper, so that Firefox does not
suffer from Flash crashes.
If anyone else tried this just reinstall flash to fix it.  Simple fix.


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