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Heads-Up: WebKit-qt Rename/Move (F-10)

Hi, all.

This is just a notice that in Rawhide/F-10, the QtWebKit bits (formerly
in the WebKit-qt package) have now been moved to be included in the Qt
(qt-x11) package per bug #442200.

These are from source EVRs:

Please reply here or post a comment to the bug report if you have any
issues or problems with this transition. (It's F-10 only for now, so it
should start eating webpage babies once F9 goes out the door and the
rawhide bit is re-flipped.)

According to repoquery, nothing in Fedora yet made use of either
WebKit-qt or WebKit-qt-devel; but FYI just in case. :]
Peter Gordon (codergeek42)
GnuPG Public Key ID: 0xFFC19479 / Fingerprint:
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