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Re: Sponsor required

On Wed, 2008-04-30 at 16:31 +0200, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> >  We have a
> > standing item in the meeting to discuss and vote on sponsors.  We
> > literally have not received any nominations in quite a while.
> Here is the difference between  "I have a open ear for your problems; 
> just come and tell me about it" vs. "I'm looking after you all the time 
> and think I noticed you have some problems; should we try to solve them 
> together" again I mentioned in a mail to this list yesterday.
> In the Extras days (at least those when I run the meetings) we 
> *actively* looked out for new sponsors all the time:

Because we had relatively few, and it was a problem.  I've not heard of,
or seen in my looking, any issues with too few sponsors.

>   * we each meeting asked for new sponsor nominations (self-nominations 
> or nominations from other people) and thus everyone had to think about 
> it for a moment

We still did this after Extras.  It was largely a waste of time because
we have so few nominations these days.

>   * in the agenda we send out to the list there was the point "sponsor 
> (self-)nominations" quite often (not often enough) -- that way everyone 
> on the list got a reminder that they can nominate/self-nominate

That can be added back if people think there's value in it.

>   * new sponsor-nominations were not a FESCO-only thing; we tried to 
> integrate the existing sponsors into the discussions and decisions, as 
> they are in the best position for it (ยน)

When people actually nominate themselves or get nominated in some other
fashion, this still happens.  At least as far as I know.

> FESCO doesn't do any of the above properly these days IMHO. Especially 
> the first two points are IMHO important and made sure people always got 
> reminded that they could self-nominate or nominate other people. Most of 
> the time in fact in were no self-nomination -- often people got 
> nominated by existing sponsors.

There is nothing, NOTHING, preventing that from happening today.


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