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Re: RFC: Firefox general.autoScroll to true

> As for the thread point... In the context of linux desktops the current
> behaviour makes more sense, the autoScroll feature can be enabled via
> configuration dialogs. But I find scrolling using touch-pad far more
> convenient than either this or mouse's scroll-wheel. I don't care what
> has firefox set in Windows or in Ubuntu. We are in Fedora and we want
> (or don't we?) consistency throughout the applications we have - not
> with other platforms. There are reasons why Firefox has e.g. different
> menu layout in linux than in windows or mac, as well as for the current
> setting of autoScroll.

First: Touchpad is for notebooks! fedora is used on notebooks, yes,
but also on other pc's that don't have a touchpad (and i bet that is
the majority).

Second: I was afraid it was gonna go this way.. i feel like a software
application that is made for multiple osses should work the __same__
on all those osses. I have no clue why firefox finds it "wise" to do
other default settings on windows then on linux or mac but it sounds
stupid to me. And because the firefox you download from windows is
from mozilla itself (not from the dirstibution which would be MS). So
there is the version of firefox with the true default settings from
mozilla and i aim to bet those settings the same on __all__

Third: This one annoys me most. We are talking about the click
function of the scrollwheel but some people don't seem to know what it
is or act stupid. Now this is a scrollwheel [1] and stick to it! No
more crap about the "middle mouse button".

So please go on topipc now and discuss the RFC i made here. It's clear
and understandable for everyone!

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scroll_wheel

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