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AWOL Maintainer: Krzysztof Kurzawski

I'm afraid, Krzysztof Kurzawski is AWOL. I have tried repetitively to
contact him in


because daypanner-0.8.1 crashes on F-9 and above. In order to fix this
bug i updated to 0.9.1.

Krzysztof owns the following packages:
      * dayplanner -- An easy and clean Day Planner 
      * gfeed -- RSS feed reader 
      * greyhounds -- Greyhounds is a greyhounds racing and breeding
      * incollector -- Information collector 
      * jabbin -- Instant messaging and VoIP Jabber client 
      * netmonitor -- The free linux network bandwidth monitor 
      * pic2aa -- Pic2AA is tool for converting jpeg/png to AA (Ascii
        Art) images 
      * scythia -- Just a small ftp client 
      * taskcoach -- Your friendly task manager 
      * wavextract -- Program for extracting embedded audio data from
        JPEG images 
      * xhotkeys -- Hotkeys for the X-Window 
      * yoltia -- Qt based picture editing program 
      * youtube-dl -- Small command-line program to download videos from

If nobody volunteers I'm willing to pick up dayplanner, although I'm not
a perl expert.

If anybody knows how to contact Krzysztof, please let us know.

Krzysztof, please respond to this mail or to bug 446883 within 2 weeks,
otherwise you are considered missing in action and your packages will
need to be orphaned.


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