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Re: Let's make a plan for python3.0 in Fedora 10+

2008/5/29 Toshio Kuratomi <a badger gmail com>:
> The python programming language is going to be releasing a new version
> sometime around the time of the Fedora 10 release.  Unlike past releases,
> this one will have wide-spread backwards incompatibility in the python
> language itself.  We need to think about how we want to pull the new
> language into the distribution and porting of existing apps/modules.  Here's
> a proposal to start us off but I hope geppetto (the python maintainer) and
> ivazquez (who maintains python3.0 packages in his spare time[1]_) will weigh
> in with their thoughts.


Good looking plan, one suggestion:

Try to maintain a TODO list of things/features that need to be ported
from Python2 to python3000. I would like to try to help, and having a
list that I can pick from would be helpful

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