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Re: Wiki URL Structure (Proposed Change #2): flatten page hierarchies

2008/6/10 Tim Niemueller <tim niemueller de>:
> Nicolas Mailhot schrieb:
>> I'd like to propose another wiki URL structure change.
>> In the past years, with the previous wiki, there was a drive to build
>> deeply nested page hierarchies. For example Foo SIG was hosted in
>> SIGs/Foo, and its contents put yet another level deeper ie SIGs/Foo/Subject
> I like the paths, as they are the structuring element everybody is used
> to from his home directory.

Using only paths are old and quite obsolete way to structure blobs of
information - categories (read - labels) are better.

We need flat structure with necessary amount of tags/categories. Take
a look at Wikipedia or remember when you last time tried to add
"Genre" to your audio-file when you're constrained to add only one :).

Note that pages in wiki aren't files - they just pages and they can
exists in many different categories.

Using paths will render us to multiple issues with duplicating pages
(huge number of redirections), many dupes while searching etc.

Home directory is very bad example since many files there are not
duplicated instead of wiki.
With best regards!

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