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Re: Fedora Support channels Improvement ideas

> On Mon, 2008-06-23 at 17:15 -0500, Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> > That seems the most feasible solution to me. Java applets to connect
> > to an appropriate channel from the fedora website would also be
> > useful (to ease the barrier to entry)  
> As one of the current OP's #fedora, I think that starting with a basic
> #fedora channel guideline would be the best way to start. Then the
> users would know what is tolerated and what is not, it would also
> cover guidelines for the OP's as far as code of conduct and what is
> grounds for a ban/kick including time frames for each.

Agreed. Perhaps we can draft something rough this week and polish it
over the next few. 

> When I became and OP 2 years ago it was here you go your an OP now.
> This was done due to the lack of OPs at the time. Several of us were
> thrown into this position this way. Not a good way to start in the
> channel. It would have been nice to have a reference at that time.  
> I am also one of the "Helpers" in the channel, I help many people to
> the best of my ability. I do know quite a bit as I have been running
> *nix since 1998 but I still have many things to learn. So I agree
> with the proposed training sessions.
> I am also one of the founders of Fedora Unity and the reason we set it
> up was to document many of the items that could not be covered in the
> Installation Guide due to legalities. I think we have done a pretty
> good job but it would be nice if we could do better.
> I am all for the the changes and believe it needs to start with
> guidelines first, all the other things could be implemented at a later
> time but the guidelines are needed NOW!! The guidelines would
> instantly improve the quality of the channel in short time.

Agreed again. It seems that's the priority for the SIG. 

> V/R
> Scott Glaser
> Fedora Unity


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