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Re: 32bit PowerPC questions.

On Tue, 2008-06-24 at 16:15 -0400, Dave Jones wrote:
> PPC32 kernel builds take _forever_ in the build system. They're slowing things
> down to such extent that I'm usually still waiting for them several hours
> after the other architectures have finished building.
> One way to make them slightly faster is to not build as many modules.
> Looking through the config files, there's some obvious silly stuff in there
> (I really really hope no-one found a way to put an IWL4965 in a PPC32 box).

Only the G5 (ie, 64-bit) was released with PCI-E slots.  Unless somebody
is using PCI-E on a PPC32 board that's not a Mac, or is installing
32-bit Fedora on a 64-bit G5 box, there's absolutely no way that PPC32
could coexist with the 3945 or 4965.  You'd also have to get a
PCI-E-to-ExpressCard or PCI-E-to-MiniCard carrier.

No PowerBooks ever had internal PCI-E minicard slots.  No PowerBooks
ever had ExpressCard slots.


> The likelyhood of someone needing infiniband drivers on such a box is also
> somewhat slim.  In culling out the obvious options though, there's a bunch
> where I'm not quite sure, largely due to a) my ignorance when it comes to PPC,
> and b) I have no idea what hardware platforms users are actually running Fedora
> PPC32 on. (And smolt is useless here, because PPC boxes don't have DMI[*]).
> So, if you use 32bit PowerPC, drop me a mail describing what kind of platform
> it is. ("powermac G4" for eg).  Also useful would be lspci output, and
> the answer to "does it have ISA slots?".
> Thanks,
> 	Dave
> [*] It'd be a neat hack if we could extract this from openfirmware though..
> -- 
> http://www.codemonkey.org.uk

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