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Re: PLEASE SHUT UP! Was: Fedora Freedom and linux-libre

> Since this is the list where policies are debated, meetings are
> called, etc, framing the discussion as unwelcome would almost make it
> sound like software freedom is not welcome in Fedora.  I realize it's
> (unfortunately) not consensus, but I'd hardly believe it's not
> something a lot of Fedora developers care about.

Actually, I believe the consensus is that Fedora should continue its
ethics and not cave because it'll get more users.

If a user can't figure out how to add Livna to their repo, or makes poor
choices when purchasing hardware, that's not Fedora's problem. Fedora is
about advancing the best software FOSS has to offer, how many users it
has benefits no one!

I think the #1 thing people using or contributing to Fedora care about
are these ideals, although those same ideals say you can use that
software however you wish. Red Hat doesn't go out of its way to make it
difficult to get codecs or drivers etc though, it just doesn't go out of
its way to provide them. Basically, those complaining constantly are
just too lazy to figure out how to do what they want, so why should
people have to see post and post on the lists about it?

It is Ubuntu's place to cave on anything that will get them more users.
Are they extremely popular for doing so? Sure, but what are they really
accomplishing for the FOSS community? They are attracting a whole new
breed of user that doesn't care, and they are gradually making Linux
less fun. I think debates about legal issues, and Fedora's ethics are
pointless and should be moderated in some way. Fedora should never have
to cater to any proprietary software vendor just because users that
don't educate themselves on the reasoning are complaining. It's tedious
to see so many debates about policies when they'll amount to nothing. I
think Fedora would lose more users than it gains by even considering
such things anyway!

The morals and beliefs of Fedora are what brings a lot of users to
Fedora, it is what makes people passionate about Fedora, and they are
what set Fedora apart. I for one paid $200 more for my hardware just to
ensure that my hardware is well supported on Fedora, I should write that
off as wasted money because the vocal minority won't shut up about
technical decisions they don't understand? It is particularly pointless
because there ARE distro's who's sole purpose is to cater to them. They
should stick to those distros and leave Fedora to those passionate about
its beliefs.

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