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Re: FESCo Proposal for blocking older version of autoconf & automake

On Mon, 2008-05-05 at 12:29 -0400, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> > How comes you expect each and every tool in Fedora but the autotools to
> > be "current".
> That's it!
> OK, by Fedora 10 we need to start removing all sorts of not 'current'
> things that aren't up to modern standards.
> First, toolkits! 
> We need to remove gtk1, qt3, and for pete's sake, Xaw and Xaw3d. All
> are obsolete, and users and developers are best served by upgrading
> to more recent toolkits such as Qt4 and GTK2.
> The following 258 packages need ported by Fedora 10, or they will
> be removed:

I know you know, you are being ridiculous.

BTW: I want to see gcc-4.2.x added to FC9 because gcc-4.3.0 breaks
certain packages I am using and I do not want to change the code it
breaks (in autoconf term: I need a bugwise compatible toolset).

Unlike autoconf-2.13, gcc-4.2.x has an active upstream.


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