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Re: package reviews: show only review reqs using a particluar language ?

Till Maas wrote:
On Monday 26 May 2008 13:57:37 Richard W.M. Jones wrote:

At the moment all OCaml related bugs have 'ocaml' in the Summary line,
and I have some searches which are basically freeform searches which
check for 'ocaml' in the Summary.  It would be nice to have a better
more official way to handle this.  Perhaps by depending on a "master"
bug (the same way that ExcludeArch / Blocker bugs are tracked).

Imho the summary is a good place for this, because then one can easily check and filter for a particular language on the review mailinglist. Also it can be easily seen on a bug search results page. Maybe it could be agreed on a special way to mention it in case it is not already obvious, e.g. add the language in parenthesis after the package name, e.g.

Review Request: foobarmatic (ruby) - some foo for bar

But language as a freeform random part of summary is not very clear either.
Review Request: foobarmatic c - some foo for C++ code documentation parsing
Review Request: foobarmatic written in c++ - makes ruby colored slippers
Review Request: foobarmatic perl - pythons on a plane

Seems like use of a whiteboard status flag or tracker bug would be much more useful than trying to randomly search out those summary clues.

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