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Re: dontzap - a application to revert dontzap setting

On 4/8/2009 1:10 PM, psmith wrote:

> did you also go to a 'special' school? lol ;) o/j

No. Not really. But I have a minor in psychology and I dated a girl that
later became a shrink.

> most development releases may have this in place now (tbh i've not
> checked as i'm not following the dev releases of any distro but fedora,
> but i'll take your word on this) but when it gets out to the released
> versions the masses use then there will be more complaints for sure, as
> these are the people who mostly will be left with the choice of a hard
> reboot when the find out that ctrl-alt-backspace doesn't work when the x
> session throws a wobbly.

> yes i run rawhide, and also thankfully F10, but when F11 is on a release
> then i'll start doing the rebuilds for x as it wont take much work to
> keep up then, for now i have the ability to switch to a vt, i shouldn't
> need to but i there we go

> well i wouldn't notice the blinking cursor default change as i've had it
> disabled for a long time now, not only in the terminal but in all of my
> apps too

> and as for your suggestion that fedora always follows upstream, i think
> you need to take a closer look as this is not the case ;)

That's what Fedora claims.  :-)  Examples? Just a few.

I won't name other distro names here. But as I said I can't think of one
major one that will not, or already does not, have Xorg 1.6 and C-A-B is
disabled. And several a set to release very soon.

Me? If I wanted, or needed, this I would go the xorg.conf route. Much less
work and much less effort. If, in the future, xorg.conf is abandoned I would
then consider compiling my own. It is a little more time consuming than you
might think I would bet.

Good Luck.


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