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Re: Saving space on the DVD

On Thursday 16 April 2009 02:46:14 Jesse Keating wrote:
> We've grown to the point of overflowing the DVD.  In order to save space
> I've done a lot of testing and comparison.  The current strategy I see
> for getting DVDs back in size is to drop a few things.
> @java-development
> java-1.5.0-gcj-devel
> gnome-games
> kdegames
> With these removals we are much better on size.  These are late changes,
> and I haven't gone too deep into examining which packages themselves
> grew in size, this was just the quickest way to recover the space.  I
> wanted to post this here for discussion and maybe alternatives.


I think packages requiring internet connection to work should be first on the 
line (for example torrent clients). Lot of people use dvd for installation 
because they have no/too slow internet connection. 

Michal Hlavinka

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