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Re: development packages and multilib

Jesse Keating <jkeating redhat com> writes:
> On Wed, 2009-04-22 at 15:04 -0400, Tom Lane wrote:
>> The approach that I thought about when I first ran into this problem
>> was to have the config script examine the value of `uname -i` to decide
>> which output to produce.  I remember being told that that wasn't
>> acceptable, but I do not recall exactly why not.

> It would likely require use of 'setarch i386' before calling the script
> in order for uname -i to output the 32bit you may be targeting in that
> run, which people may not expect.

Right, it absolutely would require you to setarch before launching a
build for the 32-bit arch.  The question is why that's so unworkable.
Especially when the present alternative just plain doesn't work.

I note that it's already expected by a lot of spec files (or at least
by several of mine) that `uname -i` correctly reports the target arch.

			regards, tom lane

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