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Re: [ANNOUNCE] New Mixer Handling in PA 0.9.16/F12

On Wed, 2009-07-29 at 12:25 -0500, Dr. Diesel wrote:

>         PA, how are they going to get fixed? Telepathy?
> How long do we expect people to tolerate these bugs before they move
> on? 

I agree, there's only so long that people are willing to wait.  But you
actually have to file a bug before you move on or you haven't
contributed at all.

I have bugs all over my now laptop and I could just switch OSes, but I'm
willing to be a little patient to allow things to catch up.  More
importantly, I'm willing to file bugs and let someone address them.

But when you have a problem and go to a forum and find a solution and
don't ever report a bug, then you've got no right to bitch and whine
that bugs never get fixed and you get sick of waiting.

This of course is just good advice and has nothing to do with
pulseaudio, other then making the point in this thread.


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