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New facility to request tagging actions

There is a new facility coming very soon to aid in requesting tag
actions of rel-eng.  A new target will show up in dist-cvs make system
in the next day or so, called 'tag-request'.

This will function much like the 'update' target, it will prompt you to
edit a file to fill in the target and a description of your change.  It
will use a cli tool (fedora-hosted) to file a ticket in the rel-eng trac
for you, and you should receive an email with the results of the filing.

Those of you out there that know a thing or two about makefiles, please
read the attached diff and keep me from committing something stupid.
Those of you that don't know anything about makefiles, avert your eyes
lest you be corrupted!

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- FreedomĀ² is a feature!
identi.ca: http://identi.ca/jkeating
? .Makefile.common.swp
? tag-request.patch
Index: Makefile.common
RCS file: /cvs/pkgs/common/Makefile.common,v
retrieving revision 1.131
diff -u -r1.131 Makefile.common
--- Makefile.common	6 Jul 2009 14:48:15 -0000	1.131
+++ Makefile.common	5 Aug 2009 04:34:31 -0000
@@ -156,6 +156,7 @@
 CLIENT	?= $(if $(CURL),$(CURL),$(if $(WGET),$(WGET)))
 BUILD_CLIENT ?= $(shell which koji 2>/dev/null)
 BODHI_CLIENT ?= $(shell which bodhi 2>/dev/null)
+FEDORAHOSTED ?= $(shell which fedora-hosted 2>/dev/null)
 # RPM with all the overrides in place; you can override this in your
 # .cvspkgsrc also, to use a default rpm setup
@@ -510,6 +511,32 @@
 update: bodhi
+tag-request: build-check $(COMMON_DIR)/branches
+	@if [ ! -x "$(FEDORAHOSTED)" ]; then echo "Must have fedora-packager installed"; exit 1; fi
+	@echo -e "\
+# Tag target (default is target of the CVS branch)\n\
+# Description of your tag request\n\
+notes=Here is where you give a description of what you want to change,\n\
+rational for why the change is important enough to break the freeze,\n\
+impact of not accepting the change, and what testing has been done.\
+Or if this is a tag request for updates, just the info about the updates.\
+" > fedora-hosted.template
+	@sed -e '/^#/d' < fedora-hosted.template > fedora-hosted.template.orig
+	@if [ -z "$$EDITOR" ]; then vi fedora-hosted.template; else $$EDITOR fedora-hosted.template; fi
+	@if [ -n "`sed -e '/^#/d' < fedora-hosted.template | diff fedora-hosted.template.orig -`" ]; then \
+		target=`grep '^target=' fedora-hosted.template | sed -e 's/target=//'` \
+		descript="{{{\
+`grep -v -e '^target=' -e '^#' fedora-hosted.template | sed -e 's/notes=//'`"; \
+		$(FEDORAHOSTED) -u $(USER) -P rel-eng new-ticket -s \
+			"Tag request $(NAME)-$(VERSION)-$(RELEASE) for $$target" \
+			-d "$$descript"; \
+	else \
+		echo "Tag request aborted!"; \
+	fi
+	@rm -f fedora-hosted.template{,.orig}
 	@echo '$(CVS_URL)'
@@ -654,6 +681,7 @@
 	@echo "	unused-fedora-patches   Print Fedora patches not used by Patch and/or ApplyPatch directives"
 	@echo "	gimmespec		Print the name of the specfile"
 	@echo "	update			Submit $(NAME)-$(VERSION)-$(RELEASE) as an update for $(BRANCH)"
+	@echo "	tag-request		Submit $(NAME)-$(VERSION)-$(RELEASE) as an tag-request for $(BRANCH)"
 	@echo "For bug reports or patch submissions, please use the issue tracker at:"
 	@echo "https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure";

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