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Re: rt2860 driver (fc11)

>> Good luck with that! This driver has been in the process of being
>> re-written for well over a year, I've long given up hope. Its
>> unfortunate as its in alot of netbooks including all the atom based
>> eeePCs. Fortunately rpmfusion has one that works reasonably well (it
>> even suspends and resumes!) appart from spewing massive amount of
>> debug into /var/log/messages (if left on about half a gig a day).
>> Peter
> I maintain those drivers at RPMFusion. I will be happy beyond
> imagination when the staging drivers are marked stable. It would save
> me a lot of work, for it's not just rt2860, but also rt2870 and
> rt3070. I keep writing patches and hacks to them for almost every
> kernel update since Ralink is a bit slow with kernel updates. I'm glad
> they are working though :)

I'm very glad of your efforts..... a massive THANK YOU!

Now I just wish the rewrites of the driver would speed up somewhat :)


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