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Re: possible to file bug to change 32-bit DVD arch name from i386 to i686?

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Andre Robatino wrote:

> The names of the 32-bit Live CDs already use i686, consistent 
with the
> minimum required arch.  But the 32-bit DVD still uses i386, 
despite the
> fact that not only has i586 been required for years, but with 
the i586
> package rebuild, there aren't even any i386 packages on the 
DVD anymore.
>  Now i686 is required and all packages are i686 (or noarch).  
I'd like
> to file a bug to get this changed, in order to increase the 
chance it
> actually happens by F12 Final.  (The 32-bit F12 Alpha TC is 
still named
> using i386.)  Is this possible, and if so, under what 
component should I
> file it?

yum also uses i386 for $basearch which causes (well, it's 
chicken-and-egg) repos to have i386 directories. These should 
also go with this update I imagine.

- --Ben
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