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Re: soname number bump for audit-libs

On Monday 10 August 2009 01:04:32 pm Jesse Keating wrote:
> > OK, fine. I'll wait until after the Alpha freeze is over.
> >
> Even after that one has to wonder, why is a change like this going in
> after the feature freeze.  

It would have been in before feature freeze if sc-audit hadn't gotten stuck in 
package review.

> How big of an ABI change is this, will there have to be any porting effort,
> what's the risk, what's the gain?

Should be little risk. This removes the old API needed for communicating with 
kernels before the 2.6.16 kernel was released. Somewhere around 2.6.22 
libaudit made the old API hard to use. It was still there for anything linking 
to it. I have not looked in detail at all the packages on the dependency list 
but the changes only affect the audit rule setting interface and not the 
logging interface. Auditctl is likely to be the only program affected by the 
change, but to be safe and make sure nothing falls through the cracks, the 
number is bumped. Almost all apps are using the logging interface and are not 

If anything actually is sending audit rules, the porting is trivial. You just 
use the _data equivalent function and use the audit_rule_data structure to 
hold your rules.

The gain is that we want to clean up/deprecate the old kernel API somewhere 
around 2.6.36 and need user space to quit using it asap.


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