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Requires question in SPEC

Hello all,

I'm facing a problem with one of my SPEC files...I'm packaging a program (motion, in RPM Fusion) that has a startup script. In the start() section of this startup script, I have added an "LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib64/libv4l/v4l2convert.so daemon $motion" to support more cameras.

So I naturally added a "Requires: libv4l" in my SPEC file, but of course rpmlint complains with "E: explicit-lib-dependency libv4l".

The problem here is that I can't see how RPM could automatically add libv4l as a dependency when I build the package...it's not in the code, only a call in the startup script. So...

* Should I consider that libv4l is installed by default on F10/11 and not put the require.
* Put the require and let rpmlint complain.

Any advice on that?
Note that if you launch the startup script on a system that doesn't have libv4l, it simply doesn't do the LD_PRELOAD, but still works "as usual".


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