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Re: pygtk2 and its numpy dependency

Jonathan Underwood wrote:
2009/8/10 Adam Jackson <ajax redhat com>:
a) remove the explicit Requires: numpy from pygtk2, require apps that
actually want this function to Require it themselves

b) fake the numpy data type ABI in pygtk2 itself by cult-and-pasting it
from numpy

c) declare that get_pixels_array() just doesn't work in Fedora
(historically true, back in like FC3)

d) leave things as they are

I lean towards a).  I think b) is icky but doable, since that ABI is
effectively unbreakable anyway (inherited from the older python-numeric
module).  The other two are way lame.


A possible (e) occured to me:

e) Place the numpy.linalg stuff in a subpackage of numpy, which
requires atlas and friends. Keep only the core numpy functionality in
numpy itself, with other subpackages for the numpy.foo stuff. Then
pygtk2 could just require the basic numpy package which would be
smaller in size and have a lot less deps.

I've no idea how hard this would be, and what might break, though. So
it may be a stupid idea.


We actually tried some of this when f2py was split. Nightmare. Best left alone IMHO.

in your fear, seek only peace
in your fear, seek only love

-d. bowie

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