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Re: Rebuilding mysql 5.1.30-1 fails under fc11

Howard Wilkinson <howard cohtech com> writes:
>>> I am trying to regenerate the RPM packages for Mysql 5.1.30-1 as currently
>>> available for FC11. But the build fails a large number of the test cases. Is
>>> there a specific trick for getting this package to build properly?

> rpl.rpl_relay_space_innodb               [ pass ]    913
> rpl.rpl_relayrotate                      [ pass ]  16282
> rpl.rpl_slave_grp_exec                   [ pass ]   3933
> timer 21378: expired after 18000 seconds
> Test suite timeout! Terminating...

After digging around, it seems that what you hit here is an arbitrary
upper limit that the mysql folks put on how long it should take the
regression tests to run.  In my experience the 5.1.x tests normally
take something close to 2 hours, on a reasonably current desktop machine
with nothing else going on.  I speculate that your machine was busy
running a lot of other builds concurrently, and it just plain took more
than 5 hours :-(.  The sum of the per-test times shown in your log is
about 221 minutes; after allowing for between-tests overhead, that seems
to match up reasonably well with the default 300-minute timeout.

I'm going to add a patch to increase the timeout to 12 hours, which
I hope will be enough for mass-rebuild scenarios like this one.
In the meantime, you'd probably find that it rebuilds okay if you do
it by itself.

			regards, tom lane

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