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Re: Confusion with openal-soft

On Mon, 17 Aug 2009 04:34:20 +0900, Mamoru wrote:

> First of all, please make it clear under what branch
> you want to discuss, devel, F-11 or F-10.

With regard to Conflicts, the policies apply to all branches.

There are still open bugzilla tickets filed long ago with packagers
not taking action on resolving implicit conflicts. Now with this
openal incident, an explicit Conflicts tag is added as what seems
to be the first choice due to laziness or so.

> Again,
> - On rawhide opanal-soft is intended to replace openal _completely_
>   (i.e. openal is to be removed from rawhide tree once F12alpha freeze
>    ends)

Replacing packages does not need any Conflicts, but just a proper
Obsoletes/Provides pair.

> If you really think even openal{,-soft}-devel conflict must be
> avoid even on F-11/10 (I am not speaking for rawhide tree here),
> please visit bug 515109 if you have a good suggestion.

Explicit Conflicts are a general problem. They are not specific
to this package. And bugzilla is not good for discussions.

> Again openal{,-soft} can be installable in parallel (and on F-10/11 they are made as such).

Not their -devel packages. The spec in cvs contains an explicit Conflicts

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