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Re: Empathy default in F12?

> I understand the urge to ship empathy because it's included in gnome
> -- but let's be honest: if the two clients were judged side-by-side
> and rated, there's not a chance in hell empathy would win. : )

... and yet some of us definitely prefer it to Pidgin. :)

I'm not sure the default apps should be chosen by popularity. Each
spin is produced by a team. This team has a vision of what they want
their spin to be like, and they choose the default apps according to
this vision. If you want to participate in the choice of the default
apps for a particular spin, I think you should get into the
appropriate team, not start polls on a random mailing list.

Also, keep in mind that no spin can be perfect for everyone
out-of-box. If you don't like the default choices of a spin, you still
have the possibility to either try another one or to simply change
those choices (e.g installing Pidgin and removing Empathy).

Would you complain because the default wallpaper is ugly ? No, you
simply change it. This wallpaper was chosen according to the vision of
the team that produced it, and you don't share this vision (which is
understandable), so you change the wallpaper.

A default app is just another choice the team producing the spin has
to make. Just like a default wallpaper.

Best regards,


Mathieu Bridon (bochecha)

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