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Re: Last call for talking points - what makes you excited about F12?

On 08/18/2009 10:12 PM, Peter Robinson wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 18, 2009 at 4:30 PM, Mel Chua<mel redhat com> wrote:
>> If you've got a moment for some last-minute help...
>> We (Marketing) will be freezing the F12 talking points list today, and are
>> still somewhat light in the "what makes Fedora awesome for admins and
>> developers?" categories.
>> Right now we have "libguestfs and kvm improvements" for admins and "maybe
>> moblin" for developers, but there must be more - and more reasons why
>> they're awesome (why *is* libguestfs something that makes admins happy?). We
>> figured you would know.
> Please remove moblin. Its not a feature. Its been removed from the
> Feature list for F-12 (although I'm not sure why).

If you are the feature owner and do not know why it is being dropped,
the meeting mins when it was decided by FESCo should have some
rationale. If not, please ask again.

The work is definitely most appreciated anyway.


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