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Re: Fedora 12 Features Proposed for Removal

>> >>> After requesting status updates, including direct email to the feature
>> >>> > owners, the following feature pages do not have a current status or their
>> >>> > ability to tested during the Alpha is unclear based on the lack of
>> >>> > information provided or percentage of completion.
>> >>> >
>> >>> > https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/FedoraMoblin
>> >> I'm the maintainer of this. I think its very much in a similar
>> >> category to gnome/kde. The only difference is there is some packages
>> >> still awaiting review, about 2 that are actually critical, but moblin
>> >> 2 like gnome etc are still in there development phase so its a moving
>> >> target.
>> >
>> > I'm concerned about FESCo's decision to drop this feature for Fedora 12.
>> > The more that I think about this, the more I agree with what Peter has
>> > written above. I think that Moblin support in Fedora is something that
>> > is useful to a wide audience of users, and that Peter has made every
>> > effort to address the concerns raised by FESCo. I do not think it is
>> > necessary for a spin to be made available to consider this a noteworthy
>> > feature.
>> >
>> > I've asked FESCo to reconsider the Moblin feature at their meeting on
>> > Friday, and I hope they will reconsider their decision.
>> Thanks for the support.
>> I've since moved my plan to do a remix for F-12 instead and reconsider
>> it again for F-13. The core of moblin would still be in Fedora anyway
>> for people to install as they see fit and the advantage of the respin
>> is that I can patch up xulrunner and hence include a working browser.
>> Either way I'm just continuing on working towards it to see where I
>> can get to. Its still somewhat of a moving target  as they've just
>> split out one of the packages into a number of smaller ones.
> I'm not sure if this would make sense from your perspective Peter, but
> is it worthwhile to have a Moblin component in the comps file that
> delivers some set of packages (albeit without a browser, given what
> you mentioned above), and re-scope the F12 feature to that end?

Makes perfect sense. That was actually my original plan and my
understanding of what was approved when fesco originally approved the
feature with the comment that I must apply for spin approval
separately through the standard spin process. That's point 3 of the
scope on the features page. Maybe I should have put more details of
that in my proposal in terms of achievement and deliverables with
regards to "install via a comps menu" vs a complete Spin. Going from
maintaining a number of packages to doing an entire desktop
environment as a feature has been somewhat of a sharp learning curve

There is currently one package left to get a base working desktop
environment for testing (Bug 513452 - mutter-moblin if someone woild
like to review it... hint hint) and all the remaining packages add
functionality to it. Once that final package was in I was going to
email f-d about adding the group to comps as per the wiki page. I
didn't see much point in doing so until the the time when the core
desktop was there.


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