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Re: Add Moblin Desktop group to comps

On Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 1:06 PM, Peter Robinson<pbrobinson gmail com> wrote:
> Eventually I plan on having a moblin spin but not for F-12. The work
> in Fedora at the moment is separate to anything that is coming from
> Moblin. The advantage that Fedora will have that at the moment
> upstream Moblin doesn't support anything that isn't an Atom processor.
> So we should in the long term be able to support the older Celeron
> based Netbooks and possibly the VIA based ones or NVidia ones.

Well, when talking about older hardware an important factor is to what
extent the graphics chipset and driver can support the UI experience,
not just the CPU.

> Depends on which bits you look at. Most of the packages are based on
> Fedora packages, the whole lot is built using the suse build system.
> The NM/connman is an interesting split. It seems suse is assisting the
> process from the build side of things but has written a NetworkManger
> moblin GUI that looks the same as the connman one sot they are
> interchangable. Obviously we'll use the NM one because NM is cool :-)
> Other than the 30 odd new packages needed for Moblin there doesn't
> seem to be massive convergence from the other core Fedora packages.

Doesn't seem to be convergence?

> In
> fact there's some cross over for some of the gnome-shell stuff in that
> they use mutter and associated stuff.

Right.  We share quite a lot, but then again the devil's in the
details as they say.

> >From the rest of it AFAICT from the poking I've done they've replaced
> the standard init process with "fastinit" which I haven't even looked
> at. Its in their git repo though.

Hmmm...Ok.   I just typed up:


Any help filling it in (especially from Moblin developers who may be
lurking) would be appreciated!

I'm particularly interested in how far we can get the default Fedora
desktop's boot speed close to that of netbook experience, without
breaking compatibility with any of the corner cases people expect from
a general purposes OS like RAID.

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