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Re: Orphaning packages

22.08.2009 23:44, Michel Salim wrote:
That's a matter of aesthetics, and there's no real right answer: Debian,
Ubuntu and Mandriva tend to split packages into multiple subs; Fedora
tend to keep as close as a one-to-one correspondence between source RPM
and binary RPM (save splitting off -devel, -doc, and if a package
contains libraries that are usable elsewhere, -libs). openSUSE is

The point, though, is that a package maintainer is in charge of the
entire source package (SRPM). So you can't just take over gwenview
without taking over kdegraphics.
My point was different: I want use gwenview but don't always use kdegrapics, wich have big size. So, I often use it in XFCE.

Now, if there are any actively-maintained branches (perhaps EPEL 4 or
EPEL 5) that still has a standalone gwenview, and you feel like
maintaining it for that branch, that's a different question.
No, maintain it *only* for EPEL is not interesting for me.

Regards, Pavel Alexeev aka Pahan-Hubbitus

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