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Re: Potential PackageKit improvement???

Richard Hughes wrote:
> It depends. If the bodhi metadata says "restart-required" then
> PackageKit honours this.

That said, that flag is somehow "sticky" in Bodhi: if an update to a package 
XYZ had that flag set, any future update to that same package XYZ will get 
it set automatically. Particularly annoying for update groups like KDE, 
where an update of just, say, kdenetwork doesn't really require a restart. 
Nor updates which just add a patch. Whereas running a mix of KDE 4.2 and 4.3 
tends to be unstable, so we do have to recommend to restart at least X11 
(but Bodhi / the metadata / PackageKit have no way of marking a restart of 
only the session as recommended) for that kind of updates.

Fixing Bodhi to not make that flag "stick" in the way it currently does 
would probably be a good start, I'm going to file a bug in the Bodhi tracker 
for that.

        Kevin Kofler

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