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Re: PolicyKit 0.9 is going away

On Thursday 27 August 2009 17:35:36 Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Jaroslav Reznik wrote:
> > PolicyKit-KDE is now integral part of kdebase-workspace, it is a KDE 4.3
> > feature, we should disable it for now (untill we have new ported
> > version). Same problem is with PolicyKit-Qt as my quick port breaks API.
> > I'd like to prepare new PolicyKit-Qt, more powerful that actually matches
> > PolicyKit Authority DBUS interface. It's quite a bad timing with
> > switching to new PolicyKit. I'm not sure I'll have releasable version in
> > time of beta, I'll try it but there's still question with API
> > compatibility for KDE 4.3. There are no KDE apps utilizing PK-Qt now so I
> > think it's not problem to do not ship it now. What do you think?
> System Settings uses it (well, 1 or 2 modules do). And PolicyKit
> integration is advertised as a KDE 4.3 feature by upstream and even our
> feature page. So I think just dropping it is not an option.
> I'd be willing to maintain PolicyKit 0.9 packages (as compatibility
> packages (though renaming should not be needed as they already have
> distinct names), to be used by KDE) for F12. It is my understanding that
> those will not conflict with PolicyKit 1 and can coexist just fine, if
> that's not the case, please correct me. So please don't obsolete PolicyKit
> 0.9!

+1 for compat package!

>         Kevin Kofler

Jaroslav Řezník <jreznik redhat com>
Associate Software Engineer - Base Operating Systems Brno

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