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Re: ktorrent adds kdm - Re: Orphaning packages

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Michael Schwendt wrote:

> On Tue, 25 Aug 2009 10:01:39 -0400, Ben wrote:
>> Oh dear, run for your lives. Last I used GDM, I didn't know 
>> where to change the session type (I was looking). I haven't 
>> it in over a year since it's one of the first things to get 
>> replaced on my systems. Looking at a screenshot with solar[1] 
>> see a restart, a shutdown, a power, and an accessibility 
>> Nothing about sessions. Certainly not visible at least. So I 
>> fail to see why this would be any issue at all. What am I 
>> missing?
> Users, who discover what software is being offered, who know 
how to switch
> the session type, and who will notice that the installed KDE 
is incomplete.
> As if the admin had messed it up. Customising the personal 
desktop and
> choosing between either GNOME or KDE is one of the first 
things many users
> do. They even go as far as replacing the window manager, if 
alternative wm
> are available.
So your issue is that kdebase-workspace puts it there, but it's 
not complete, so it shouldn't? Do you have a better package in 
which to add the session type?

As for WMs, Compiz and Metacity are missing things such as rules 
for specific windows (can lock size or position, hide it from 
the taskbar, shortcut to set focus, etc). For better or worse, 
KWin is really indispensable for my setup. Even if I used some 
other DE, kwin would probably end up being used.

> On your fully private machine(s) it may not be an issue at 
all, I agree.
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