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Re: dhclient and dhcp update require restart?

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On Wed, 26 Aug 2009, Dariusz J. Garbowski wrote:

Hi, something that bothers me a bit... More and more system restart requests with each update (even if one doesn't use the package at the time).

Is this necessary for dhclient and dhcp update packages to require restart?
Wouldn't "service network restart" and "service dhcpd restart" in the install/upgrade
scripts do the trick (after checking that the service is actually running)?
Ssh used to do that since, well, as far as I remember.

Yes, 'service dhcpd restart' will work fine for dhcpd.  For dhclient, it's
not necessarily as simple as restarting the network service.  If you are using
the network service, that will work fine.  If you are using NetworkManager,
you'll need to either restart NetworkManager or have it down the connection
you're using dhclient on and bring it back up.

For any of these scenarios, I figure most technical users will know what to
do.  When I select the 'suggest reboot' box in the updates system, I'm
thinking of the non-technical users.  Both dhcpd and dhclient would be things
brought up on boot, so suggesting a reboot to the user is the easiest way to
get the correct services restarted.

- -- David Cantrell <dcantrell redhat com>
Red Hat / Honolulu, HI

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