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Re: gwenview - Re: Orphaning packages

25.08.2009 02:07, Kevin Kofler wrote:
Rahul Sundaram wrote:
A quick way to actually check for such dependencies is to switch to
another desktop environment, say Xfce, remove all the KDE packages and
install one of the KDE apps. It usually reveals dependencies which
are rather silly. I have seen kde-settings, background packages and
kdebase pull in odd dependencies on occasions.  k3b, ktorrent, scribus
et all are often used outside KDE.

It's not like those dependencies bite. ;-) HDD space is cheap.
This is incorrect question setup. HDD space not always cheap. This may be very expensive, f.e. on embedded systems, on USB-stick, Live-CD images... Additionally it additional bandwidth on updates, which cost often is more significant. But at end, main point for me what it is "incorrect". This is very monolithic, small user chose to manipulation, big and, as showed before, often produce additional errors (dependency and others).

So, I do not call fanatic split all what we can find, but if we can reasonably (ok, I do not want question and define it as at least anything see in that sense) provide program separately - why you argue with that?

At and, we see there discussion about big packages, and some arguments why it is not problem. But what main arguments to do NOT split some thus packages on few?

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