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Re: Results of a test mass rebuild of rawhide-20090126 with gcc-4.4.0-0.9

> In the past few days I've done a mass rebuild of rawhide-20090126
> in mock with gcc-4.4.0-0.9 (and corresponding libtool).
> 6228 packages were successfully built, for the rest I've tried
> to rebuild them also with gcc-4.3.2-7 (though I ran out of time,
> so a couple of packages weren't attempted with 4.3).

Thanks so much for doing this. I will collate this into
gcc-4.4/porting_to.html for 4.4.0 unless you already have done so or
plan to do so (let me know). Might as well get this stuff on the gcc
site so that this work is not re-done ad nauseam by everybody moving to
this compiler.

The extra warning is from -Wuninitialized, which is consistent with
some of the gcc bugzilla traffic. I'm surprised you only got one: I
expect you'll see more when you move to s390 and non-x86_64 arches.


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