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Re: module-init-tools v3.6 released

On Thu, 2009-02-05 at 11:56 +0100, Phil Knirsch wrote:
> Jon Masters wrote:

> > This works fine, but means that, if we upgrade module-init-tools and
> > there is a binary format change, then the system will be "slow" booting
> > before depmod has been re-run again. I'm thinking about just doing a
> > "depmod -a" on upgrade in such cases in the future...is there a problem
> > with that idea?

> Imho in case of an update of module-init-tools that sounds absolutely 
> reasonable. Users are much more likely to reboot their machines then get 
> updates for module-init-tools, so the little overhead introduced with 
> running depmod -a during an update should in general be significantly 
> lower than the gains in subsequent bootups.

Interestingly, I was expecting a lot more "oh nos! Don't do that because
it breaks some weirdly random preconceived notion" but for once,
nothing. Cool.


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