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Re: New package from one source

Pavel Alexeev (aka Pahan-Hubbitus) wrote:

I do not see any legal issues here. And also not found any guidelines about this situation when two (several) packages will include one source. This is a reason why I ask it question here.

Licensing was an example. Packaging guidelines covers a lot of other cases. I think you have already been told that the multiple packages with the same source base is not allowed and I have already indicated why. Let's not go in circles.

Ok, ok. But why this is likely when initial case with patch without intermediate steps like pseudo-forks? Pseudo, because I it will not be intended for any innovations except one patch and presupposes sync witch upstream developing of the both projects?

Separate forks are clearly permitted. The intention with a fork is that code bases have clearly deviated and being conveyed to users while a patchset produces friction. I don't know whether it is likely in your case. You will have to present an actual review request or ask FESCo.


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