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Re: Power Management

On Mon, 2009-02-16 at 19:02 -0500, brad longo wrote:
> As I'm sure most of you know, leaving your laptop plugged in and 
> charging with a full battery charge is harmful for the battery.  I have 
> been trying to see if Fedora's power management tool has something built 
> in so that when the battery reaches full charge, it will then discharge 
> to lets say around 95% before beginning to charge again.  Friends of 
> mine with the same laptop use such measures except they are running 
> windows.  However, based on the fact I did not see any documentation 
> about this, and that my battery charge does not appear to fluctuate at 
> all once it becomes fully charged (according to the statistics), I'm 
> guessing no such thing exists in Fedora.  Does anyone have any 
> information as to whether this safety feature exists in Fedora, or 
> whether some other measures exist instead?  Basically I'm just wondering 
> if I need to periodically unplug my laptop to preserve the lifespan of 
> the battery, which would be annoying.  Also if this is not a feature is 
> anyone working on developing something like this for Fedora?

If I'm not mistaken, I think the charger for the laptop stops charging
the laptop's battery when it is full.  There's no need for a software
solution, as the hardware takes care of it.  For Li-Ion batteries, if
this didn't happen, they would explode.

Basil Mohamed Gohar
abu_hurayrah hidayahonline org

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