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Re: Ready for new RPM version?

>>>>> "TL" == Tom Lane <tgl redhat com> writes:

TL> I'm personally still ticked off that I'm being forced to update my
TL> development workstation to F-10 immediately in order to continue
TL> doing useful work on rawhide packages.

Just FYI, I sucked the rpm packages from
http://people.redhat.com/mitr/sha256-rpm/f9/ and installed them on my
builders.  There were depenency problems with gdb and net-snmp, which
I removed, but after install things are fine and I can continue to do
mock builds of rawhide packages.  That may not be helpful to you but
it did at least get me building things again.

TL> Since F-9 is still supported, isn't it a management failing to
TL> have allowed this to happen without a plan to make mock on F-9
TL> work?

Mock still works on F9 just fine; you simply can't use it to build
things for rawhide.  I guess it's a balancing act between that and
potentially breaking systems.

 - J<

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