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Two Python packages seek loving maintainers

I find myself in a position which leaves me little opportunity for
taking care of my Fedora packages at the moment. I have two packages,

- pybackpack: a Gnome GUI backup program, and
- python-twyt: a Twitter API library and commandline client

which I would like to request assistance with, or somebody willing to
take over one, or both of them.

I'm the upstream developer for both packages so you will have my full
cooperation and attention if/when any issues arise which require
upstream attention. Searching bugzilla returns "zarro boogs" for both
packages, so they're either well-written, or rarely-used *ahem* :-)
They're still both in active development so bugs will get fixed upstream
and I'll still take an active interest in how they're progressing in
Fedora but I won't get in the way of the new maintainers.

Any takers?

Andy Price

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