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Re: unnecessary font Provides churn (was Re: rawhide report: 20090116 changes)

Le dimanche 18 janvier 2009 à 23:35 +0200, Ville Skyttä a écrit :
> I think it's about time the people responsible for this mess
> start actually 
> fixing the compatibility issues and make-work they have been and still
> seem to be continuously inflicting themselves.

So, appart from spitting on some community work you didn't contribute
to, do not contribute to, and never bothered to provide useful feedback
on (even when personnaly CC-ed with weeks of advance), do you have
anything useful to say?

Because idiocies like "[not] tried very hard at all" won't get you very
far. CVS, git, wiki, mailing list, and bugzilla logs tell their own
(true) story.

Not trying very hard is writing long hate mails instead of doing
one-liner changes you've been given all the necessary info on.

With no regard,

Nicolas Mailhot

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