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Re: Wrong security attributes. Maybe a bug?

Joshua C. wrote:
2009/1/19 Steve Grubb <sgrubb redhat com>:
On Monday 19 January 2009 04:06:26 pm Steve Grubb wrote:
chattr -i  ./foo
whoops...actually, chattr +i ./foo


This is what I want. Thanx.

But as I said earlier I had the impression that changing the owner to
root and settting the files in 444 mode would do the work. Back then
when I created those files I tried deleting them and I couldn't.
Therefore I thought it's sufficient. Maybe there was something else
that I did then and cann't remember now?

If this was the case then either the directory you had the files in had the sticky bit set (causes us to allow unlink/rename if the user is either the owner of the file, the owner of the containing directory, or root. Normally used on temporary directories) or something other than the kernel was preventing you deleting the files.


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