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Re: Feature proposal: Rebootless Installer

Bill McGonigle wrote:
On 07/14/2009 11:04 AM, Christoph Wickert wrote:
     2. Imagine after the installation you switch rebootless to the new
        system and install a kmod. But you are still running the kernel
        from the installation medium and kmods get installed for the
        running kernel, which not necessarily needs to be the one that
        was installed.

Would it be feasible to fetch the current kernel from the 'net (if
possible/permitted) and kexec into it before proceeding with the install?

Short answer- Yes. Though mainly for systems with 1+G ram and/or usb persistence, because a kernel and anaconda upgrade will take a healthy chunk of space in the overlay.

I do like this idea, for instance, as an optional bootloader choice.

The key thing though, is this would have to happen, _at boot up_. I.e. to get the kexec out of the way before the user dives into things. Otherwise the user has to see a kexec reboot, which while skipping the BIOS, is still a 'reboot experience'.

But this is not at all within the scope of the currently proposed feature.

With liveUSB there's persistence, but is there a way to have a ramdisk
survive kexec for liveCD?

Hmm... Short answer- I don't know. If not now, it's probably just a kexec kernel feature enhancement away to find a way to protect some arbitrary hunk of ram during kexec.

Heck, fetch the latest anaconda too, and get rid of some of the zero-day
problems we have that require respins now.

Yes, as above, I agree that would be a pretty cool feature (again, beyond the scope of the one currently being discussed).



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