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Re: PLEASE READ: provenpackager reseed


a) I'd like to self-nominate myself as a Fedora Packager Sponsor.

b) I'd like to become member of provenpackager group.

The application under b) is redundant, unless the processing of b)
takes significantly less time than the processing of a).

> 1) The user makes their desire to be a member of provenpackager known
> to FESCo (they can do this in really any way - mailing list, IRC, file
> a ticket, etc)

What list, what IRC, where to file the ticket?

All I found was an information on wiki that sponsors nominations can
be sent to fedora-devel-list.  (Allegedly, one can also send mail to
FESCo, but I were not able to find out the address.)

I'm really sorry to bother all the readers of fedora-devel-list, but
I felt I should re-gain my provenpackager status and was not able to
find a better async method.

Have a nice day,

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