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Re: libsyncml

On 2009-03-23, 17:44 GMT, Adam Williamson wrote:
> And for Nokias - you can do limited
> sync very well with the gnokii plugin, and more sophisticated sync with
> the libsyncml plugin on some Nokias (some have broken SyncML
> implementations and just don't work right). The latest version of
> libsyncml which works with opensync 0.22 is 0.4.6, so we should revert
> to that.

Thanks a lot for finally explaining me this whole mess. Two years 
of my life working in Red Hat were spent trying to make 
synchroznization to my Nokia 3110 Classic work without any 
visible results (aside from putting myself on Cc: of 
http://opensync.org/ticket/877 ;-)) and whole thing makes me 
really crazy. Oh well.

One of the problems I see with opensync (aside from being totally 
underpowered upstream and mostly ignored by everybody else than 
SuSE and as I see now Mandriva, and especially ignored by most
Fedora folks) is that I don't see any effort at all on their side 
to maintain stable branch.  Any requests for fixing bugs are 
stereotypically replied with "Wait until we finish 0.3* (now 
0.4*) branch".  I have been waiting for two years. Oh well.


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