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Re: Qt 4.5 coming to Fedora 9 and 10, license changing to LGPL

Kevin Kofler wrote:

We are working on providing Qt 4.5.0 as updates for Fedora 9 and 10. The updates
have already been built. They will be tagged into the buildroots for Fedora 9
and 10 shortly after this announcement is sent, in order for KDE 4 packages to
get rebuilt against it, as some KDE modules are highly dependent on the Qt
version used to build them and check the Qt version at build time.

Can I install qt 4.5 from koji on my KDE 4.1.2 F-10 box without killing KDE in order to test my other Qt apps? What to watch out for? Or is there some other way to get my machine up and stable with Qt 4.5 before the testing updates are pushed?

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