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Re: preupgrade today: getting error: cannot download the kickstart file

John Reiser wrote:
Is something going on with the mirrors today?

Yes.  The sync (from master to mirrors) may be in progress for F11 beta
release next Tuesday: tens of GB per mirror.  The floodgates for rawhide
have been opened (changes that were held back during the freeze for
F11 beta): more hundreds of packages.  It's also a weekend, spring break
on many academic calendars in the US, time for the final rounds of the
US NCAA college basketball tournament, etc.  The reliability/supervision
of mirrors might be even more erratic than usual.

terrific.  We've been trying numerous mirrors and they all appear to have the same problem.  So I guess nobody can perform any upgrades today.  They should not screw up every mirror while doing these mirror updates.  Some mirrors should still be left operational and then update them later.


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